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This page states the “Terms and Conditions” under which you (Visitor) may visit this website (“https://www.jainbandhutrust.com”). Please read this page carefully. If you do not accept the “Terms and Conditions” stated here, we would request you to exit this website. The business, any of its business divisions and / or its subsidiaries, associate companies or subsidiaries to subsidiaries or any such other investment companies (in India or abroad) reserve their respective rights to revise these “Terms and Conditions” at any time by updating this posting. You should visit this page periodically to reappraise yourself of the “Terms and Conditions”, because they are binding on all users of this Website.

Please be very attentive while reading the following Terms and Conditions because you are deemed to agree with the following “Terms and Conditions”, including applicable policies, which are incorporated herein by reference and amended from you, when you use the site www.jainbandhutrust.com or any service and facility provided by Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) Corporate Professionals.

This Terms and Conditions shall apply between you and Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) Corporate Professionals, originally issued as at 1st March 2021 and subsequently amended on Date, 2021 and Date, 2021.

You represent and guarantee that you are above 18 years and are entitled to follow the terms, regulations and policies, register as user in your own name on the www.jainbandhutrust.com website and make use of the Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) Services in conformity with these Terms and Conditions and meet the obligations set forth herein.

Users acknowledge and agree that their data can be collected and uj sed by Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm). Such information may also be stored on servers of the organization. You acknowledge that you agree the transfer of information outside your jurisdiction as set out in our Privacy Policy, providing us with your information. You may not use our Content or Services if you do not agree to such transfers.

By accessing, browsing or using, you must use the website (www.Jain BandhuTrust.com) in the following terms and conditions. You also accept or agree that you have read, have understood and are bound by these terms and conditions by accepting implicitly or expressly these terms and conditions of use of the website and policies of www.JainBandhuTrust.com. You shall not use the Website or our Services or facilities if you do not wish to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Without notice to users, the right to change the "Terms and Conditions" shall be reserved. You accept that our modified 'Terms and conditions' and the policies are respected and adhered to. The amended Terms and Conditions published on the Website will be entered into action immediately upon publishing, unless the applicability date is specifically stated.

Customers, Agents, Sub-agents, Associates, franchise partners, employees, partners, business development executives (BDE) and all others, who are registered are collectively referred to as users or individually referred to as 'users'.ds


Useful details such as the name, the E-Mail ID, the mobile number, the company information, etc. are available on the website of www.JainBandhuTrust.com. The user registration requirement details vary by type of user and are specified on the registration form. The user assumes that he or she will be solely responsible for not having more than one registration and for any incorrect information given to the Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm).v

1. Website – see www.jainbandhutrust.com

2. Agents or Associates – Different consultants and professionals who want to make money by promoting the services of Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm).aaa

3. Client – Any unregistered user who uses the www.JainBandhutrust.com to take at least one of their services

4. Franchise Partner – Any person or company registered with us under the franchise partnership to be a consultant with our brand name.

5. Employee – Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) staff working at the Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) offices, or elsewhere, are referred to here-in as full time employees and part-time employees.

6. Business Promoter or Business Development Executive (BDE) – Up to __ percent of the commission is fixed for any person joining the Business Promoting Partnership Scheme.

7. Additional Users – Any person who is other than registered or unregistered on our site.

8. Unregistered Users – All non-registered users.


All logos, brands, marks, headings, labels, names, signatures, numerals, shapes or any combinations thereof, appearing in this site, except as otherwise stated, are properties either owned, or used under licence, by the business and / or its associate entities who feature on this Website. The use of these properties or any other content on this website, except as provided in these “terms and conditions” or in the site content, is strictly prohibited.

Users may not sell or modify the content of this Website or reproduce, display, publicly perform, distribute, or otherwise use the materials in any way for any public or commercial purpose without the respective organisation’s or entity’s written permission.


(A) Security Rules

Visitors are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Website, including, without limitation, (1) accessing data not intended for such user or logging into a server or account which the user is not authorised to access, (2) attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorisation, (3) attempting to interfere with service by any user, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of submitting a virus or "Trojan horse" to the Website, overloading, "flooding", "mail bombing" or "crashing", or (4) sending unsolicited electronic mail, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services. Violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability. The business and / or its associate entities will have the right to investigate occurrences that they suspect like involving in such violations and will have the right to involve, and cooperate with, law enforcement authorities in prosecuting users who are involved in such violations.

(B) General Rules

Visitors may not use the Website in order to transmit, distribute, store or destroy material (a) that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offence or violate any applicable law or regulation, (b) in a manner that will infringe the copyright, trademark, trade-secret or intellectual property rights of others or violate the privacy or publicity of other personal rights of others, or (c) that is libellous, defamatory, pornographic, profane, obscene, threatening, abusive or hateful.


Shri Jai Bandhu Trust (firm) is a private firm and is not an associate or affiliate of any government agency whether directly/indirectly. This site provides information for Members who need support when applying for a New PAN card, replacing the old PAN card, or changing or updating existing PAN card data. The application will be properly verified and forms will be submitted to the authorities for further processing. Depending on your case, the support team provides regular tracking of your application.

Process of PAN related Services

Anyone applying for a new PAN card/Change of PAN card data should fill a PAN card online form and pay online. Applicants must then attach photographs and sign the form where necessary. This form should be uploaded online in the website in the required section.

No errors shall be made in the filled-in application form. If the application cannot be handled for error or incorrect supporting documents or for any reason whatsoever, the Site or its owner is not responsible. In such cases an error will be generated and the customers are required to resend the correct form with the appropriate documents.

For additional information, our customer support can be contacted at [email protected]


The clients who wish to apply for another pan card ought to send the marked unique physical printed version of the online PAN application (downloaded from our site viz. janbandhutrust.com) alongside the verified records referenced in that with the self-authentication to us within 30 days from the date of execution of the online payment to empower us to present the equivalent to the PAN experts in time. In case of the failure of the client to send the above application, documents, and so forth, in time, in that case we won't be in a situation to present the above application, reports, and so on, in time, and we won't be in a situation to present the equivalent to the Pan experts (a) For the clients, who have want corrected copy, or change or revision in pan card, our client support group will fill the online application structure according to the ITD records and the client can download the PDF structure from the respective dashboard. Time may be required for Pre-filling the copy application structure, in view of the accessibility of the assets that we depend on creating the application structure, as we don't have any command over those assets


The clients who are applying for the Duplicate PAN CARD are required to send the marked unique physical printed copy of online PAN application along with the self-attested duplicates or the verified records to us within 30 days from the date of receipt of completely-filled online application structure in the client dashboard to empower us to present the equivalent to the Pan experts in time.


The clients who are applying for the change or adjustment in the current existing Pan card are required to send the marked unique physical printed version of the online PAN application along with self-attested duplicates of the verified records to us within 30 days from the date of receipt of the duly-filled online application structure in the client dashboard to empower us to present the equivalent to the Pan experts in time.

In the event that, the client failed to send the first physical printed copy of the online Pan Application alongside self-attested evidence, documents to us in time as referenced above, we won't be considered capable to discount the expenses, charges, and so on, and we won't be held responsible to pay any remuneration for the postponement or for the dismissal of Pan Application by the Pan experts. It is the client's duty to guarantee that the records are conveyed to us by post to our location (as referenced on the site) in time for our further follow-up activity/administration.

The users should bear the liability and the cost pertaining to sending of the proof of documents, original pan application, etc., to our address by post and the users should send all the additional proofs, documents, etc., as and when the same are demanded by us or by pan officials because of damage of documents, loss of documents, etc.

We do not take any responsibility for the damage of documents during the transits or late delivery of the documents by the postal or courier officials.

Some of the other general operational rules are as follows:

1) All the system data will be deleted after 90 days. That is the system will not save any data for more than 90 days. This data will be automatically deleted and no backup of this data will be kept.

2) While the agents are uploading the forms for PAN or ITR, it should be made sure that the photo is included and signed in the form. The photo should be visible and the sign should be visible.

3)The sign on the form is necessary and the sign should be in black ink. The sign in any other colour like blue, red, etc. will not be entertained.

4)In case the application is rejected due to any of the reasons, the payment will not be refunded. Replacement is allowed but refunds will not be provided in any scenario.

5)The refund will be given only in certain conditions. Based on the refund request policy, the refund will be initiated only in the following conditions:

a) In case the payment is failed or the reference number is not generated, due to some reason, the claim for the refund payment should be done within 15 days of the transaction.

b) It is the responsibility of the applicant to not to delay more than 15 days in claiming the refund. If the user claim after 15 days, no refund request will be entertained.

6) In case, the father's name is given on the Adhaar Card, the same name will be printed on the PAN card. This will be the case for both males and females.

7) In case, the Father's Name is not available on the Adhaar Card, the name which is available on the portal will be printed on Pan Card.

8) In case the father's name is available on the Adhaar Card, and the applicant wants some other name to be printed on the PAN card, it should be mentioned in the comment. Hence extra comment stating the requirement must be provided in this case.

9) In case the applicant wants the father name in the PAN card or some correction in the Father Name in the PAN card, the proof for the same should be provided. In case, the query from the department is raised, the documents as proof should be submitted within a time frame of 30 days.

10) The acknowledgment receipts will be there in the system for 180 days. After this period, the receipts will be automatically deleted. Hence you can download the receipt on your system for future reference. No back-up of the receipts will be available after 180 days.

11) Correct category of the amount must be selected. In case the wrong category of the amount will be selected, no refunds will be provided. It is the responsibility of the agent/ subagent to select the right category of the amounts.

12) In case, the application for PAN is done, it should be filled in black ink. The complete form should be filled in with black ink. The form will be dispatched within 7 days of receiving the form from the office.

13) The commission to the agents will be paid between the 10th and 15th of every month. That is for the commission between 1st and 30th of this month, it will be paid between 10th and 15th of next month.

14) The forms of PAN and ITR, which have been rejected, should be replaced before a period of 90 days. After 90 days, the rejected forms will not be replaced.

15) In case, while applying, if the payment is failed or the reference number is not generated, the support team should be informed about it. Also, the information should be provided to the support team within 15 days of this event. No more delay than the 15 days should be done.

16) At the time of agent registration or New Code activation, a one-time fee of 5555 INR is taken. This fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded in any condition. This fee is taken as a processing fee of new agents and is valid for life-time working of the agents.

17) In case a new receipt is generated because of some reason, then an extra 100 INR will be charged for it. This charge is the extra charge for the new receipt that is generated by the system. The generation of receipt will be done if it is possible from our end. In many cases the system fails to generate the new receipt and in that case our organisation will not be responsible.

18) It is the duty of the agents / sub agents to check the acknowledgement receipts properly. If something is wrong in the acknowledgement receipt, the information regarding the same, should be conveyed within 24 hours of the generation of receipt. After 24 hours, it will not be the responsibility of the organization for any wrong information on the receipt.

19) In case you want the form to be collected from your place, you will have to select one of the below-mentioned three categories while filing the application.

Category 1 Form is to be collected in Indore ,  Category 2 Form is to be collected in MP outside Indore, Category 3 Form is to be collected in India outside MP


  • Shri Jain Bandhu Services shall include not only PAN card formation and ITR filing, but will also include __________
  • The website of Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm), www.jainbandhutrust.com also serves as a portal for users' information.


  • In order to provide knowledge, information and to provide various professional services, Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) operates its website www.JainBandhuTrust.com.
  • For its employees, clients, franchise partners and associated agents, Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) operates as an office management system.
  • Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) shall refund all payment due on or before its due date to Agents and Franchise Partners.
  • Only after completion of service shall Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) issue taxable invoices.
  • Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) shall not reimburse any payment made by the user to buy any service or facility subject to its policies on cancelation or refund.
  • No service or facility, for which full or partial payment is made shall be cancelled by the customer. If the customer cancels the fees paid shall not be refundable.
  • Customers have the right to reimburse their fees in the event of service cancellation by Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) (When client paid fees in advance)


1. Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) appoints part-time agents or freelancers to work on commission from the home. The work size details and fee- and payment arrangements shall be communicated by email separately or on the website when you are registered.

2. The promoter of third parties shall function separately in accordance with the mutually agreed conditions.


The User unilaterally agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, without objection, the Company, its officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any claims, actions and/or demands and/or liabilities and/or losses and/or damages whatsoever arising from or resulting from their use of “https://www.jainbandhutrust.com” or their breach of the terms.


User agrees that neither Company nor its group companies, directors, officers or employee shall be liable for any direct or/and indirect or/and incidental or/and special or/and consequential or/and exemplary damages, resulting from the use or/and the inability to use the service or/and for cost of procurement of substitute goods or/and services or resulting from any goods or/and data or/and information or/and services purchased or/and obtained or/and messages received or/and transactions entered into through or/and from the service or/and resulting from unauthorized access to or/and alteration of user's transactions or/and data or/and arising from any other matter relating to the service, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits or/and use or/and data or other intangible assets, even if Company has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

User further agrees that Company will not be liable for any damages arising from interruption, suspension or termination of service, including but not limited to direct or/and indirect or/and incidental or/and special consequential or/and exemplary damages, whether such interruption or/and suspension or/and termination were justified or not, were negligent or intentional, or were inadvertent or advertent.

User agrees that Company shall not be responsible or liable to user, or anyone, for the statements or conduct of any third party of the service. In sum, in no event shall Company's total liability to the user for all damages or/and losses or/and causes of action exceed the amount paid by the user to Company, if any, that is related to the cause of action.


To access the Site Services you must be 18 years of age or older. You represent and guarantee that you are 18 or older by registering for the Site Service and that you are able to understand, agree to and comply with these terms and conditions.

While we do not link or directly sell our services to a minor who is not 18, he/she may, under the supervision of the guardian who may act as the applicant's representative, apply for a PAN card.


We will not divulge any user information (including e-mail addresses) to third parties except when required by the law or by the relevant government or police forces, or unless the user requests otherwise in writing via e-mail. Please contact us via email, phone, or mail to request the removal of your email address from our email list if you prefer not to receive information about the website or its sister concerns.


The services must be paid in advance in accordance with the instructions given on the site. All services are based on the receipt by the company after the complete payment and confirmation.

Fees for services

The Site reserves the right, on reasonable notice, to change the fees for its services, subscription and/or membership. This notification will appear on the website by displaying new / revised Membership, service/s and/or product/s fees, as offered, occasionally or without changes, and all users, whether registered or not, shall be presumed to be read on such a display and no further notification will be required. The same applies when services or products currently offered for free are charged.

Links and advertising from third parties

This Site may contains links to other websites, including advertising from third parties. We would like to emphasize that we are not responsible or liable for such other websites or companies. Such websites are not screened or endorsed by us. This Site expressly disclaims all liability, directly or indirectly, for any damages incurred by any user related to any website or company accessed by this Site. If you choose to access other websites, you will do so at your own risk.

Act of Copying content

You consent to not to perform any unauthorized copying of or of any of the contents of this Website by using this Site. You agree and warrant that any of the contents appearing on this site will not be downloaded, copied, redistributed illegally. Any information or contents that you unlawfully downloaded, printed or otherwise copied from this site shall be destroyed immediately by you.

Passwords and Usernames

Where applicable, the username and password you receive from this Site remains the exclusive property of this Site and is issued to you under the form of a revocable license only. The username and the password must be kept confidential.

Protection of copyright and trademarks

1. Protection of copyright

All works and contents included or presented on, in specific literary works, pictorial and graphic works, photographs, images, video-clips or audio-clips, audio-visual works, music, button-icons, icons, streaming and other data, animations or software files in any format as an object code or source code, is the property of the owner of the company. The copyright protection referred to above also includes compilations or all forms of changes to all contents of this site. We report and prosecute copyright offenders in the fullest possible way.

2. Protection of trademarks

All trademarks and other logos and service marks you can find on this site are under trademark. These marks and service marks may be used only by the owner or by others with written consent. You are not permitted to do anything that may lead to consumer confusion related to the above trademarks and service marks.

Email Services

When choosing an E-Mail Alert Service, you agree that, you grant non-exclusive, permission and irrevocable right to send e-mails and notices by way of e-mails or other formats and that the user considers that you have agreed and granted prior permission to continue or change that process.

Critical Circumstances

This Site shall not be liable for defects caused by unforeseen circumstances or reasons beyond the reasonable control of this Site, including but not limited to:

  • Fire, floods, earthquakes, tropical storms, etc.
  • War, disorder, civil, military and terrorist acts
  • Transport, equipment, fuel, energy, labour, or materials strikes or shortages
  • Failure of the infrastructure for telecommunications or information services
  • Any computer, server or software failure

Membership termination

Without restricting other solutions, this site may at any time, with or without notice or permission, issue a warning or terminate your access to this site. This may be under the following conditions:

  • We believe you have violated the Terms or Conditions.
  • Any information you provide to us cannot be verified or authenticated.
  • We decide to discontinue all or parts of this Site operations.

After you have been terminated by us, it is strictly prohibited to re-register you as a user of or on this site. Any liability or responsibility arising from fraudulent entry and use of this Site shall be excluded on this Website and on its members. We shall undertake, under applicable federal, state and international laws, all necessary and appropriate actions in the case of fraud.

Fees of the lawyers

In the case where any party (or this Site), including without limitation, claimed infringement of representations and warranties, begins any claim, action, or arbitral action for interpreting and/or enforcing these Terms and conditions, or any such claim, the dominant party shall have the right in any action or proceeding to recover lawyer fees, in addition to any other damage which may be caused, from any such proceeding.

No Distribution

Neither any right nor any acceptance is granted to you hereunder that the terms and conditions shall, in whole or in part, be sold, leased, assigned and shared by you.


Where any provision in the Terms of Service for any reason or portion thereof is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable to the extent that they are permitted and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.Where any provision in the Terms of Service for any reason or portion thereof is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable to the extent that they are permitted and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

Form Processing

While in the stage of Form Processing, if any agent/sub-agent is not able to complete the applicant’s form and send it to us within 7 days, then we will complete the form on the behalf of the agent. We will then send the form to NSDL based on our suitability.

DSA Category

The type of card is subject to the selection of the category as mentioned in the form. If the 175 Rs category is selected, a PVC card will be sent to the agent or sub-agent address.

Sharing OTP

The users of our EZY PAN Platform are cautioned not to share the OTP of our platform with anybody. In case of any fraud, due to the disclosure of the OTP, our company will not be responsible in any way. The OTP will be sent from the EZY PAN gateway and will be valid only on EZY PAN Platform.

Where any provision in the Terms of Service for any reason or portion thereof is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable to the extent that they are permitted and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

No Exemption

If any party fails to enforce any provision of these Terms of Service, this or any other provision will not be deemed waiver of future enforcement. No waiver of an infringement shall be a waiver of any subsequent infringement of the same or other nature.


1) The Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) website registration shall be considered to have been made within the jurisdiction of Indore, MP India.

2) Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) users unconditionally agree on the exclusive jurisdiction of the appropriate Court of Law in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India to govern such disputes and/or differences where applicable.

3) Members hereby confirm, that they have read and agreed to respect terms and conditions and that the information given by them is correct and accurate.

4) Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (firm) (firm) Members shall notify you of its remarks or feedback on the application.

5) You can contact on [email protected] for any questions or complaints or to permanently remove profiles.


In no event shall the Company or any parties, organizations or entities associated with our corporate brand name or otherwise, mentioned at this Website, will be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitations, incidental and consequential damages, lost profits, or damage to computer hardware or loss of data / information or business interruption) resulting from the use or inability to use the Website and the Website material, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether or not, such organization or entities were advised of the possibility of such damages.

Full Agreement

You acknowledge, represent and warrant that, as part and in consideration for the use of this Site and, if you are members of this Site, you accept that you have read these Terms and Conditions.

I have read carefully and understood the terms and conditions and here by acknowledge my acceptance to the same. I shall adhere to all terms and conditions