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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The https://www.jainbandhutrust.com is very serious about your data privacy. We deal very carefully and with confidentiality with all your personal information. All personal data, such as phone number, mobile numbers, e-mail, etc., are only processed by our company's authorized individuals. In order to protect your data we take all possible steps. No third party organizations are provided with your information. All the collected information is used for its defined purpose only. You agree to our right to collect and to use the information for the purposes defined in this doc.

  1. What is covered by our privacy policy?

This Privacy Policy covers the treatment of personal information from https://www.jainbandhutrust.com which is collected by https://www.jainbandhutrust.com when you are on the site and use our services. This policy does not describe and does not include policies on information gathering on other websites, including links to or from https://www.jainbandhutrust.com.

We emphasize that your privacy is respected and protected. The most important thing is our relationship with you. When using our platform and services, we want you to feel comfortable and confident. This Policy is aimed at helping you understand more clearly the kind of information we intend to collect from you, the use of the information that is collected by us, the use of the data by those parties with whom we share this information, our Cookies Policy and Identity Theft Policy and the security of data of the links on the website provided by the third parties.

This privacy policy covers the use or access by, by the User of the website https://www.jainbandhutrust.com, the Google Play Store Mobile App and other similar platforms from Shri Jain Bandhu Trust (Firm).

You agree to this policy by using the Platform or using the Services. The terms of this Policy (and any changes thereof) will apply retrospectively to you on and after your first use of the Platform, subject to applicable laws. Please do not use our Platform and Services if you disagree with the terms of this Policy. You can also confirm by using this Platform that you will share the information that the Platform may request and that your use of the Platform does not violate any law offr contract that applies to you. You will not be responsible unless you are liable to compensate the Company, its employees, directors, officers, agents, business partners, affiliates and agents of any loss or damage, expenses or any other adverse consequences which might occur as a result of your use of the Platform.

2. Whom this policy applies

The Policy applies to (a) the information that you provide or collect from us via your use of our Services Platform (b) Information that you collect during your use of the Platform and Services, (c) Information from third party sources linked to our website, or (d) Information that you collect when using our Services including but not limited to transactions. We strive for complete transparency about your data being collected, used and shared.

  1. Information that we collect

The PAN issuing authorities shall collect all user personal information, including, but not limited to, their dependants or guardians. The https://www.jainbandhutrust.com can also automatically compile aggregation of information on our site use, including, but not limited to, which web pages are most visited, how many visitors we receive each day, how long people stay on each page, how many visitors visit our website and so on.

3.1 We seek information such as name, mother name, photograph, email ID, telephone number, business name and other information like father name, birth date, sex, permanent account number (PAN), signature as well as marital status. The Company shall not be held responsible for the authenticity of the information communicated. In addition, the Company is not responsible at all for the verification of any information you provide.

3.2 You have to supply us with your Aadhaar details during your application and you agree that it will be voluntary to provide us with your Aadhaar details. For KYC and to submit ITRs we only require the details of Aadhaar.

3.3 For the purpose of sending different communications, we collect mobile numbers and e-mail addresses you provide us on the platform.

3.4 We collect certain information concerning interaction with our Platform when you visit, use or use our Services, including the sites that you are viewing, the Internet Protocol Address, the links or actions you select, type of browser, a unique device and device identifier, such as OS version, browser plug-ins, crashes, etc.sdsd

3.5 Your credit score and debt data may also be collected by us.

3.6 We can access and read information from your device, such as data from the SMS storage for providing the services, once you have obtained the consent of our services. In addition, certain Services require us to access telephone calls or to use your device to send messages. We will seek specific approval to access your device's telephoning and message functionality if you decide to use such services.

3.7 We collect information about your earnings, deductions, credits, employees, etc. in order to prepare your income tax return, file your electronic return, when helping you with your tax matters and/or to provide an audit service. This information is collectively referred to as 'Tax Return Information.'

  1. With whom we share your information?

Unless otherwise requested by the user in writing, we shall not provide user information (including e-mail address) to any third parties.

If we believe that we are required, by law or by legal procedure, to respond to complaints or to safeguard the rights, property or security of https://www.jainbandhutrust.com, its users, and others, we may share information about you.

  1. How we use the data?

The Site collects, stores and uses all personal information, including but not limited to those of its dependents or guardians, if any, for the sole purpose of applying for PAN Services and ITR Services online. These data will also be used to notify the user of different products and services that the https://www.jainbandhutrust.com or its sister concerns make available from time to time.

Please contact us through e-mail, phone or mail, in order to request the removal of your email address from our e-mail list, if you wish not to receive any product information from the Site or its sister concerns.

5.1. We do not sell or communicate to anybody your personal or financial data. However you expressly acknowledge, agree to the following terms on information usage and allow us to use your information in the following ways, regardless of anything contained in this Policy.

  • Using your account information for managing, contacting and operating, upgrading and offering our Platform and Services. We use your information to provide you with a personalized, interactive experience while using our Platform and using our Services.
  • To use your information in a safe and confidential manner, as required by applicable law, to maintain a record of such information and transactions.
  • To use third-party services to provide you with the Platform and Services that are bound to keep this information confidential.
  • To solve software and operational issues, analyse data, test and research, monitor and analyse trends in use and activity. Information collected may also be used to share communications to you about our products & services, provide additional features through cookies and to detect and/or prevent any fraudulent/criminal/prohibited activity as per applicable laws.
  • To use the data for marketing, strategy and other business purposes, in a compiled form to produce statistical/demographic analysis. These are nevertheless used in manners that cannot identify you or link any particular information to a person. This aggregated information and results/analysis shall be our property, and no compensation shall be granted to you for its use.
  • Sharing your information in order to satisfy any legal and regulatory requirements with judicial, administrative and regulatory entities.
  • To summarize and combine information on your use with that of others to learn about the use of the Platform and services and to assist us in developing new products and services.
  • To keep copies of the ITRs you filed and completed. This information can also be used to analyse your information or to make it easier for us to provide a copy of your returns.
  • Using your account information to manage our products and services, including the Platform, and to improve and provide them. You further acknowledge, agree and allow us to use your information for market research, project-planning, product development, problem solving, user behaviour analysis, marketing purposes and promotional applications.
  • To use your information to calculate the costs of your purchasing products and services.
  • To communicate with you using contact information. You also expressly agree and permit us to send you messages on your mobile number, call you on your mobile number, send you messages and communicate with you in any other way, including for platforms and services and marketing or promotional purposes.
  • To prepare and file your IT return, and provide related support and services by using your Tax Return Information.
  • To use for advertising of third-party companies for ads. These companies may use information on your platform visits and third-party platforms to give you ads on products and services of interest.
  • To share your information, host, use, copy, communicate, process, store, share, analyse, display and save any data that you submit to us via our services and as required by us including, but not limited to, personal information and financial information. You agree, represent and guarantee that you have, and will maintain, all rights to allow, host, use, compile, copy, transmit, process, save, share, analyse, display, and back up all your data and keep aggregate customer data, including without limitations, in conjunction with the company, our Strategic Partner and/or any third-party service providers and our affiliates
  • If you choose to use the Services provided by our Strategic Partners or third-party service providers on the Platform then the terms of these strategic partners and third-party service providers' privacy policies may be applicable to your information. The privacy practices of such strategic partners or of any third-party provider is not our responsibility.
  • In the event of merger, sale/re-organization, amalgamation, mergers, assignment, restructuring, business transferring or disposition of all or part of our business, all of your information may or may not be transferred to other business entities.

6. Policy on cookies

We use cookies, flash cookies and web beacons on our website. Cookies are small text files stored by your computer or other device when you access certain online pages which record your preferences and actions. They are small text files. For a variety of purposes, we use cookies, including your recollection and preferences, your use of our website and your use of our platform. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but usually, you can change your browser setting in order to refuse the use of cookies if you prefer. Please note however, that rejection of a cookie may limit your platform and services access and/or use.

7. Theft of identity

7.1 There may be cases where you receive an apparently legitimate e-mail asking you for your personal information, such as credit card information, bank details, one-time passwords, contact details, etc. This information will never be requested by the company via e-mail.

7.2 Unauthorized persons usually conduct such work and are unlawful in nature. They are known as phishing or theft of identity. You should be certain that it wasn't sent by us if you are suspicious of this activity or when you receive such an e-mail. We advise you not to reply to this e-mail and to do anything you think fit.

8. Other sites links

Our Platform provides links to other websites and third-party platforms (e.g. Google). This kind of Third-Party Platform can gather your information. The privacy practices or content of linked web and Third-Party Platforms are not our responsibility. The privacy policies of such third party platforms are recommended to be examined. In case you choose to log in via your Google account, we will use Google-related functionality (as maybe) for your Google accounts as soon as you give us permission for this. Upon authorisation, the Platform will access the account details, mobile number, e-mail address, list of friends and location of a user (as applicable).

9. Data Retention

9.1 Your information will only be retained for as long as this policy is needed for the purpose. Our legal obligations (for example, if your data is to be kept in accordance with applicable law, for dispute resolution, for the enforcement of our legal arrangements and policies), are retained and used to the extent necessary to comply.

10. We encourage you to review and correct or amend this information and inform you of any discrepancies or information that has been found to be inaccurate. If you would like to review information collected by us, please contact us at [email protected]

In order to preserve the integrity and security of your data, you shall take adequate precautions at all times. All information you disclose is considered voluntarily and without compulsion to be disclosed.

11. Data Log

We would like to inform you that every time you use our Platform or use our Services, we collect data from your Log Data system. This log data may include the IP address, the device name, the operating system version, the application setup for our Service usage, the time and date of your use of the Service and other statistics. This log data may include the information provided by your IP.

12. Security of Information

By using industry-recognized security measures and carefully developed security procedures and practices we protect your information from loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration. We maintain all information electronically and procedurally. We use both internal and external resources to review our security procedures.

13. Disclaimer

13.1 We make no representation as to providing or storing back-up copies of any information submitted to us. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you retain backup copies of such information and that you might be required to re-submit any information if the Platform fails for any reason (including maintenance).

13.2 We take appropriate actions to maintain the security of the information we collect from you, but, due to the privacy and/or a security violation of your information, we assume no responsibility whatsoever in the losses and damages you may incur. We shall not hold responsible for any loss or damage arising from the disclosure of, or omission or inaccuracy of, any information (inadvertently or otherwise) in respect of such disclosure or use of any such information, whether or not in pursuit of legal proceedings.

13.3 Payment information will be transmitted on or via the platform to the third-party payment services providers by encryption technology, including payment gateways. In order to process payments and manage your information related to the payment, you agree, and accept to such information sharing with third party service providers.

13.4 This app does not represent any government or political entity. Your use of this information provided on this app is solely at your own risk.

14. The Policy Changes

The https://www.jainbandhutrust.com may at any time update and revise its privacy policy by publishing revised or updated privacy policy on https://www.jainbandhutrust.com without notice. You will accept such changes on your continued use of https://www.jainbandhutrust.com or any of its services.

Please note that from time to time this Policy may change. The "last updated" date at the top of the policy shows when recent changes to the policy have been made. We reserve the right from time to time to modify the conditions of our policy. We shall try to make all changes to this Policy available on our website and to provide a more prominent notification if the changes are significant. While we will make reasonable efforts to maintain that you are aware of any changes to this Policy, we recommend that you periodically review this Policy. If this Policy is amended, your continued use of the Platform and Services means that you accept the amended Policy and is sufficient evidence that you have expressly agreed to these Policy terms and conditions which apply from the date of your first use of this Platform.

15. Removing you by your consent

You can choose at any time to withdraw your approval. Such withdrawal must be sent to [email protected] in writing. We also retain the right to not provide you with services via the Platform if you withdraw your consent subsequently, not accessing the Platform and/or using the Services.

16. Law of governance

All applicable laws in the territory of India govern this policy. You agree to comply the terms of this policy, by using the Platform and the Services, in all disputes arising from or concerning the use of the Platform or this Policy, in the exclusive jurisdiction and place of courts in Indore, India.

17. Service Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of https://www.jainbandhutrust.com can be obtained at “Link” Before using https://www.jainbandhutrust.com, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

18. Contact us

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions or comments concerning our privacy policy.